Michael Politoさん(40代/上智大教員)

  • 背中の痛みとこわばりが解消!
    Shigemitsu sensei is amazing! An expert knowledge of the human body. After nearly six months of muscle pain and tightness between my shoulder blades, brought about by over training, Shigemitsu sensei gave me fast relief. In fact, so much tension was released from my body after a single session with him, which had built up from martial arts and weight training, that I was physically exhausted and slept peacefully at night. I had been to several doctors and a sports support practitioner about my back pain before seeing Shigemitsu sensei. Only he was able to tell me what the problem was and to give me relief from the pain. I have set up a series of regular visits so that I can work with him to improve my posture, my martial arts training, and my overall physical fitness routine at the gym. Thank you Shigemitsu sensei!!
    過度の運動により、6ヶ月近く肩甲骨あたりの筋肉のこわばりと痛みがありましたが、重光先生の施術で痛みから解放されました。 格闘技とウェイトトレーニングのしすぎによる痛みと疲れでしたが、初回の施術後に痛みがなくなりその夜本当によく眠ることができました。重光先生のところに行く前、スポーツトレーナーの方や医者にも見てもらいましたが、痛みをとってくれて、その痛みの原因について説明してくれたのは重光先生だけでした。これから姿勢改善と格闘技やジムで体を鍛えるために重光先生の指導を活かしていきたいので定期的に通うつもりです。